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Pergola Lydia


Enjoy the outdoors with Pergola Lydia - Lydia XL!


Pergola Lydia is easy and safe to install and adjustable in ail solid surfaces. Suitable for everyday use, since the special aluminium alloys are highly resistant combined with Keviar motion straps and air-oil absorbers, guarantee the fabric's high performance even when it is constantly stretched. Pergola Lydia - Lydia XL has all the advantages of a closed cassette thai protects the fabric from external factors. It can cover wide surfaces of core length 6,00m with 4,00m regular extension and 6,00m full extension. For longer core demands, Floras SA has designed a double driver, minimizing this way the distance between the two installations without wider support surface requirements.

The more of pergola Lydia...the merier!

For longer axis lengths Lydia comes in  dual form, clearing the distance in applications, without requiring greater support surface.

Pergola Lydia Brochure

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